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That Old Quiet Lighthouse are as much a familiar sound as they are distinctly unique - a statement only decipherable by listening to their debut EP “Dubious Beginnings”.

Big Thief, American Football, Fleet Foxes - all inspirations you’ll no doubt hear as they hit you right in the feels, lovers of the bittersweet so they are. Concocting memorable choruses and empathetic verses through a fresh mix of indie rock, a dash of folk and emo when it calls for it, TOQL are an act guaranteed to make you think, and what more could you ask?

Lead singer/bassist Ashley Garrod channels the keen insight of Pinegrove’s lyricism, balancing from-the-heart melodies with passionately intricate bass lines. Gabe, as the rhythmically tight, emotive backbone of their alternative sound, sits comfortably beneath the expressive and varied textures crafted by guitarist James Cooke and violinist/synth player Phoenix Rousiamanis. 

Their single 'Decade' was played on Amazing Radio by Charlie Ashcroft, describing it as a "stunning record". Its accompanying music video was premiered by V13, with their following single 'Laughter' being featured by Fame magazine and play-listed by Ones To Watch - they're steadily picking up pace and building up a following. The final single of the album 'Janine' has the most streams of any song released so far, and the accompanying music video features the incredibly talented dancer Alison Eager.

Check out their debut album, 'Learning to Live with Less', pre-save their latest single and be a part of something beautiful.




That Old Quiet Who?

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Ashley Garrod

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The man, the myth, the legend. Arriving in Manchester, this lanky oddball had a simple dream. To play bass. But many of the greatest journeys evolve from simple beginnings, and Ashley's is no different - he now has the profound privilege of being part of Manchester's thriving music scene, actively playing in more bands than you can count on one hand. That Old Quiet Lighthouse was born out of a bedroom in Rusholme, but truthfully it's a love letter to life. His own, of those he's known, loved, lost and those who have no idea they changed his life forever. 


James Cooke

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As in demand as an umbrella that also stores snacks and suncream at a festival (trust me, that's a great idea) - James Cooke is a jack of all trades, master of some. Fused with the power of liking prog and 4 chord singer-songwriters at the same time, his guitar playing never struggles to innovate, or make space for other textures where appropriate. Lover of the old-school, knower of the new-school, he even plays synth. You could be in 7 venues at the same time, and somehow James would be on-stage at 3 of them. There is no hill he can't climb, nor chutney he won't make. Man of many talents.


Gabe Alexander

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Check out that smoulder! Drummers are a peculiar bunch. Arguably the most expressive instrument next to the voice, it is as important to sit back and remain stoic in time-keeping as it is to energise sections and find your own voice. A master of consistency, grounded and true to the genre but always knowing when to let loose - Gabe has these things nailed so he has time to worry about the real things. Will Half Life 3 ever really come out? Is cold fusion likely to occur within our lifetime? Is soup a drink? (Editors note - No it's not) 



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 Phoenix's musical ability has always occupied an otherworldly space - seamlessly blending classical training with a fresh outside-the-box perspective. When they're not making queer-pop masterpieces or orchestral genius, we're blessed with their fiendishly compelling contributions  Armed with a violin, an assortment of synths and a dress sense so good it makes Athena jealous, Phoenix is the bow (pause for laughter) on top of a Lighthouse-themed present. That's us.

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